Law Seminar ft. Wilson, Ryan and Grose

On a glorious day 11/11/2017 we held our first ever law seminar. We are honoured to have three experienced partners from law firm Wilson, Ryan and Grose. Around 20 members listened attentively as they talked about investment property, will and estate.

Our president, Wendy, introduced Mr Michele Falconieri to us. We are lucky to have Mr Michele Falconieri as our pro bono legal advisor for the past few years. He brought 2 of his colleague with him this morning.

Miss Renee Bennett opened the presentation with something a lot of us try to avoid, making a will. She shared with us litigation cases that can be avoided if there was a will, of course no names mentioned! She made aware for us that superannuation can be quite independent from a will and we should make an effort to understand it. She concluded that a will is important but the power of attorney is even more important as it matters to us when we are still alive!

Mr David Patton followed with a presentation on topic that closed to Chinese’s heart, purchasing an investment property. He highlighted a few terms in a standard sales and purchase agreement. One of the items that made us all woke up was that the responsibility of the property is passed from seller to buyer on signing the contract, and not on settlement date as most of us assumed. He touched base on law governs the purchasing of property by foreigners.

We learnt a lot today but not enough to comprehend the complexity of the world of law. It is wise to consult an expert when we are in doubt. A few dollars spent now goes a long way in the future!

Photos from the Event:

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